45m students are paying off debts to the federal government — and many are struggling...


Russian military policemen have secured a village near Raqqa, formerly occupied by US troops, as Moscow continues to patrol strategic areas along the...


A priest in Louisiana decided it would be quicker than driving to bless his parish...


The UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has been alarmed by Washington delaying the visa application process for Russian officials, his spokesman told TASS, a day after the Russian Foreign...


A Russian court on Tuesday extended until late March the pre-trial detention of a US man already held in jail for a year despite Western requests for his release.


The bitter US-China trade battle has led to fundamental shifts in the global trading environment.


Germany and Russia have reacted angrily to sanctions approved by US President Donald Trump on a gas pipeline between the two countries. The sanctions target firms building Nord Stream 2, an...


The US-China trade war reached a crescendo, a revised Brexit deal was signed, Boeing's 737 Max jets were grounded and Saudi Aramco launched the biggest ever IPO. DW recalls the top business stories...


For decades, the Canadian and American defense agency NORAD has provided updates on Santa Claus's international gift delivery route, but this year, for the first time, US astronauts lent a hand.


What does it mean for God’s power to be “made perfect in weakness”?