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Aug 16, 2018 ... is fapping a serious addiction like drugs, cigarettes , alchogol etc? ... i dont fap lol but i know people who cant afford a day without fapping.


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The fapping is just momentum after all, so it needs to be done as quickly as possible.. When you need to 'Fap', you need to keep your acceleration trigger down fully, and tap your brake button as fast as possible, while using your balance skill...


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Hello my name is Edward, I'm from Indonesia, i wanted to stop fapping, first time i discovered fapping, probably about 10/12 years ago, I'm 22. Last year i discovered nofap, and i realized now why i feel social anxiety, hard to close to girls, and other bad effects. At that time, i feel motivated because...


“Visit the Water Cooler forum on Analyst Forum. It is the best forum.”,Whoa dude, just saw the pic… there might be one fat guy fapping in the corner, everyone else is straight 4play’n like my man R.Kelly or bump’n uglies.


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In this video we discuss how to stop fapping and masturbation addiction. Learn to quit porn and successfully NoFap. This video will hopefully help you to...


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When I hear it, it is usually in some obnoxiously sarcastic "elllleeee oooohhhhh ellllleeeee". And yeah, kids are always saying shit like "Would fap" "Will be fapping" like little assholes.


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