Like most of the Soul Amp songs it's an odd one: My Friend. It seems the story of life is to just keep plugging away.,Photos by Mike Fisk. If you like, check out some more free Soul Amp music (mp3s) here (look for the stuff labeled New_Albumn if you want to watch the progress of this little mess in it's...

Amp ACT1 Installing Netconnect LAN Cabling Systems Amp ACT2 Certifier...

AMP – Where You Was At. 6:16. Amp Fiddler – I'm Feeling You.

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Nimin "Alive" Right side. Related.

The Muse M30 is a great sounding but ultimately disappointing T-amp/dac combo. The most interesting thing to me was this T-amp uses the relatively high powered TI TPA3121D2 chip. This chip was based on the earlier Tripath chip amplifier designs but was reputed to be an improvement over those designs.