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& is the character reference for "An ampersand".,a href="foo.cgi?chapter=1&section=2&copy=3&lang=en".,So you should be replacing your ampersands with & when writing a URL in your markup.


amp-audio Rich Media Notifications. The amp-audio component is only to be used for direct HTML5 audio file embeds.,The amp-audio component loads the audio resource specified by its src attribute at a time determined by the runtime.


The Amp Camp Amp Kit makes a stereo amplifier that sounds great - here's why. Designed by an Audio Legend - Nelson Pass Nelson's company,A Pure "Class A" Design Most amplifier designs switch transistors on and off causing noise. Class A amplifiers are always operating in their sweet...


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Op-amp as Differential Amplifier: The differential amplifier is the op-amp configuration in which the difference between the inputs is amplified by some gain factor. An Op-amp itself is a differential amplifier in open loop configuration but it has very high open loop gain. So, we can not use the...


Features: As a digital power amplifier & music player, it supports RCA/AUX/USB/BT 5.0/TF Card inputs, almost compatible with all home audio device such as phone,The active life of tube amp In principle, the life of the tube amplifier is semi-permanent. Compared with the crystal amplifier


Николай Мациевский. Технический директор. Компания Google постоянно работает над разработкой новых технологий, позволяющих ускорить загрузку сайтов на устройствах пользователей.


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