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În sistemul informaţional dat se prelucrează date cu caracter personal. Folosirea sistemelor informaţionale de date cu caracter personal este controlată şi folosirea neautorizată a acestora se urmăreşte în conformitate cu legislaţia. Pentru încălcarea prevederilor Legii privind protecţia datelor...


Current result in amps: A. Amps to watts calculator ►.,The phase current I in amps (A) is equal to the power P in watts (W), divided by square root of 3 times the power factor PF times the line to line RMS voltage VL-L in volts (V)


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Corporate Headquarters. 55A Port St East Port Credit, ON L5G 4P3 Canada. T +1 905.271.7800 E [email protected] New York.


AMP tools helping you get started with building AMP pages. AMP supported browsers to learn which browsers support AMP.,Contributing to AMP HTML is a great place to find out how you can make contributions to the AMP open source project and how you can get help if you run into questions when...


Use amp-embed when semantically more accurate. AMP documents only support ads/embeds served via HTTPS.,{% call callout('Note', type='note') %} The specification of amp-ad / amp-embed is likely to significantly evolve over time. The current approach is designed to bootstrap the format to be able...


"AMP" LLC is one of the most dynamically developing metallurgical enterprises of Republic of Armenia. It was founded in year 2003, and its main activity is ferromolybdenum production for needs of metallurgical industry. Nowadays the facilities of "AMP" LLC are designed for production of 3600 mt of...


Using Advanced AMP Ads, you can place Teads in AMP in 7 different places, since Advanced AMP Ads provides 7 Ad slots excluding Sticky Ad. You can also use the above code in your AMP posts and AMP pages without the need of any other plugin. But make sure, you place this Ad code in Custom...


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