Little Sister may refer to: The Little Sister, a 1949 novel by Raymond Chandler. Kana: Little Sister, a 1999 Japanese visual novel. The Little Sister (1911 film), a short. The Little Sister (1914 film), a short starring Tom Mix. Little Sister (1921 film), a 1921 Italian silent film. The Little Sister (1986 film).

<Little sister> is a neutral NPC that spawns after Big daddy's death. She ignores you and has karma repercussions for attacking her. If you are on Little sister quest, you can get a little ball (mechanical ball when unidentified) by asking the Strange Scientist for one.

#QueensOfTheStoneAge #LittleSister #Vevo.,Little Sister. Исполнитель. Queens Of The Stone Age.

Little Sister was surprisingly good. I would say that everything we ordered was delicious.,Little Sister has been on our list for a while now and my boyfriend and I finally got to try it.

Little Sister Resort, located on the water at Little Sister Bay, is one of Door County’s most complete vacation resorts. Offering many opportunities for recreation as well as relaxation, you’re never more...

This movie called Little Sister made me totally forget about the cynical stuff for a while. It's just simply being part of something good that makes you motivated to do good and ultimately make you feel good...

Little Sister Indonesian Food Bar is kicking up the flavour as Toronto’s only authentic Indonesian eatery!,Little Sister's menu is divided into skewers, snacks, traditional meals and sides.

Little Sister Lyrics: Hey, sister, why you all alone? /,I'm standing out your window Hey, little sister, can I come inside, dear? I want to show you all my love I want to be the only one I know you like...

Little Sister subverts indie drama expectations with a refreshingly off-kilter look at family dynamics that makes its points through solid characterizations and earnest effort.

Little Sisters are usually given the fraternity's letters to wear after a sort of initiation, but they don't undergo a Pledge period and have limited rights and privileges within the frat.