Sony imx294 imx183 sensor 10mp 20mp TE cooling... - AliExpress. 4K Ultra HD 60fps SONY imx334 1/1.8" Sensor HDMI GE port USB output digital microscope,Sensor cooling can be 42 degree below ambient temperature. (Support set lowest working,SONY imx294 sensor G Sensitivity 1900mv with...

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...IMX385 1080P 60FPS High Speed Industry Camera with 10X-180X C-Mount Lens microscope set, it can work for the mobile PCBA soldering, and also can,Следующее. Impressive Eakins IMX290 Microscope Review and Amscope Shadow Free Ring,Ultra Low Light Cameras: THE MEGA TEST!

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4K Ultra HD 60fps HDMI output industrial microscope camera for SONY imx226 sensor.,Sony imx183 1inch sensor 20mp TE cooling temperature control USB3.0 Cool Microscope Camera for,White balance setting, Exposure setting, Saturation, Sharpness, Contrast, Bright, WideDynamic

ultra 1.1.8 31.12 - initial release. Download: Download on Celso gcam hub.,A Unfortunately everything you put in main lens patcher - also sets for front camera as well.,Do i need to enable lib patcher ? Or they are by default set for imx586.

Real 4K resolution sport camera, AIT chipset with imx117 sensor. Wifi function, support connecting with mobile devices. RF remote control optional.,AIT12+IMX117. RF remote control optional. 4K Ultra-HD Definition: 4k 2k @30fps (M-JEPG),1920*[email protected]/30fps(H.264) ,1280*[email protected] (H.264).

IMX219 MIPI sensor to Ultra96-V2 FPGA DisplayPort.,This project enables 1080p 30FPS video from the Raspberry Pi v2 camera (Sony IMX219) to stream through the PL portion of the Xilinx Zynq MPSoC on the Ultra96-V2 board to the DisplayPort with very low latency. Uploader Terms of Service Privacy Policy DMCA Contact us.

Особенности Gcam Ultra CVM Mod. Красивый пользовательский интерфейс - Gcam предлагает интуитивно понятный, но простой пользовательский интерфейс с дополнительными функциями, такими как управление затвором, настройки фокуса, контроль экспозиции и другие.