Сравнительная официальная таблица сенсоров изображения выпускаемая SONY для камер безопасности. Все модели IMX 307; IMX 327; IMX 290; IMX291; IMX 335.IMX 385.


Hi, I try to use gstreamer-imx to record 5 camera stream simultaneously, as the following FPS Resolution EncodingBitrate camera0 30 1280x720 5M camera1 30,Is there any performance issue when recording 5 camera simultaneously by using use gstreamer-imx? any suggestion will be welcome.


Technology Shutter Type. New IMX482LQJ/LQJ1.,Surveillance Industry. DOL HDR*. IMX334LLR/LQR.


As for Sony, the A99 is using IMX157. And from chipworks it's a 2 pixels 6 transistors design instead of traditional 2.5T shared. Maybe the additional transistor is related to phase detection, or charge binning in video mode like D4 and 5Dmk3.


Приехала камера на матрице Sony IMX335 c распознаванием гуманоидов.,Что нашел ODM: Name IPCAM Location country/china Manufacturer IPCAM Model C26H55W2AS Hardware | V19. Firmware V19. Device ID xxxxxxx IP address address...


Left:IMX415 Right: IMX485. Model name. Sample shipment date. Sample price (excluding tax).,In general, as pixel miniaturization progresses, the light collection efficiency per pixel deteriorates and,Sony is also releasing the IMX485, a back-illuminated CMOS image sensor with even better low-light...


UltraCam - Gcam mod based on versions by Urnyx05 or Arnova8G2 UltraCVM is an ongoing project of building a gcam that would fullfill the need of an,v5.1 03.08 - recalc S5K3l6 black level - added imx471 & imx689 noise models - set imx363 noise model as default for non supported devices...


Сенсор IMX650 выдает на полном разрешении значительно более «честную» картинку, чем датчики IMX586 и S5KGM1. На полное разрешение снимать вполне можно, и тут не дескремблирование или интерполяция, как в IMX586 и S5KGM1.


He aims "to support as many devices as possible by making Urnyx05's GCam highly configurable and using different layouts for different devices.,UltraCam is based off Urnyx05 or Arnova8G2 versions with additions and tunings from UltraM8 for his primary device with main focus on the IMX586 sensor.


Hi, We are working on IMX7 based custom board. We are trying to interface OV5647 camera module on MIPI CSI interace. The kernel boot log file is.