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Profile is not in Members. A machine learning algorithm detected NSFW (sexual) content in your profile. Sometimes the auto-detection of sexual content is inaccurate.


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Here's help to set up your picture's backgrounds, remove those stupid ads, gif's and music.


So i have a chatango profile that i want to edit and i don't know how.,See how mine has the profile picture still and the advertisement showing?


Channels are a recent feature that's exclusive to the HTML5 version of Chatango. Initially, it had 8 channels and a mod channel, but it has now been stripped to just 2 channels and a mod channel. A lot of users seem to use the channels as a decoration, 2nd Background, etc.


So Chatango chat rooms are ideal not only for passing information and communicating with others, but it is also good or ideal for curing boredom, you’ll be busy and won’t be bored.


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