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Use of & in query strings. Ask Question. Asked 3 years, 5 months ago.,Many times in the page, at line 20 of step 3 for example, I find this: if (!isset($_POST["txn_id"]) && !isset($_POST["txn_type"])){.

Back & Orange. Head. Helm of Imagined Horrors.

In this brand new series (AMP UP), Developer Advocate Ben Morss helps people convert real world webpages to AMP. Using AMP makes your webpage both faster...

Mandrake Linux 9.0 "Dolphin" has arrived! Available here.:D,Woop-de -doo!! Hey I thought Linux was free??? Looks like I have to join a club...

Giveaway on the Nurseries &a. Bump Kathleen.


Use amp-anim to embed animations (gif, webp) into your AMP HTML files.

Символ-мнемоника (англ. entity) — это конструкция SGML, которая ссылается на символ из набора символов текстового файла.

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