U+2039, 0x8B, ‹, ‹, %E2 %80 %B9, U+00CB, 0xCB, Ë, Ë, %C3 %8B. U+0152 ... U+2019, 0x92, ', ’, %E2 %80 %99, U+00D2, 0xD2, Ò, Ã', %C3 %92.


Oct 1, 2016 ... à °à ¹ Ã' Ã' Ã'ˆà ¸à ºà °Ã'€à ½à ¾à µ à ¸Ã' à ¿à ¾à »à ½à µà ½à ¸à µ à ¶à µà ½Ã'‰à ¸à ½Ã'‹ à...


It's a ' ( RIGHT SINGLE QUOTATION MARK - U+2019) character which has ... The client is correctly displaying ’ using the UTF-8 encoding. ... to use, for example ISO-8859-1, you would likely have seen ââ¬â¢ instead.


Aug 27, 2015 ... à žÃ'‚à »à ¸Ã'‡à ¸à µ à »à ¸Ã'ˆÃ'Å' à ² à ²à µÃ'€Ã' à ¸à ¸ Exchange - 2010. à ’Ã'‹ à ½à °Ã'ˆà »à ¸ à...


[url=http://kinofanatic.com]Ã' à ¼à ¾Ã'‚Ã'€à µÃ'‚��'Å' ... ¾à ²Ã'†¹Ã µ Ã'„à ¸à »Ã'Å'à ¼Ã'‹ 2019 Ã'€Ã'Æ'Ã' Ã' à ºà ¸à µ Ã' ...


Aug 22, 2007 ... Slice of SciFi 920: What We Liked in 2019 ... Spies in Disguise (2019) ... ¾à » Ã'ˆà µà ±à ½à ¸à ºà ° Ã' Ã'‚Ã'€à °à ½Ã'‹ à žà ... Ã' à ¾à ¾à ±Ã'‰à °à µÃ'‚ Sliceofscifi.com Ã' à ¾ Ã' ...


Mojibake is the garbled text that is the result of text being decoded using an unintended ... For example, the pound sign "£" will appear as "£" if it was encoded by the ... Both add the Euro sign € and the French œ, but otherwise any confusion of these ... render text very hard to read (e.g. hääyö appears as "hÃ⁠¤ Ã⁠¤yÃ⁠¶").


à œà ¸Ã'€ à ´à µÃ'‚Ã' à ¼ à ²Ã' à µà ¹ à ¿à »à °à ½à µÃ'‚Ã'‹! à œà ¸Ã'€ à ´à ... Date: 04/11/2019. No. of downloads: 12 ...


May 24, 2013 ... à ¤ªà ¥‚à ¤°à ¥ à ¤µ à ¤ªà ¥ à ¤°à ¤§à ... à ¤†à ¤ˆà ¤°à ¤¹à ¥‡à ¤•à ¥‹ à ¤› à ¥¤ ...


√¢ for Mac and â for Windows. This is exactly what this CF does. It substitutes every high ASCII character with its corresponding character pair on the Mac ...


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Roblox Clicker Frenzy April 2019 Codes Roblox Codes, 07/10/2017. مرد کا مرد سے زنا کرنا Mard ka mard se zina karna by hashim raza qadri ہاشم رصا قادری ISLAM FOR YOU, 19/02/2017.,†ÙŠ001 clipnabber com DawlatAlArab, 29/12/2011.


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iPleer.fm ã ã âµã â ã ã âºã ã â ã ã â ã âºã ã â ã 2 - iPleer.fm. 0:00 0:00.


’ is showing on my page instead of '. I have the Content-Type set to UTF-8 in both my <head> tag and my HTTP headers: … In addition, my browser is set to Unicode (UTF-8): …


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