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Kids love always rules. Howard Mutanda. Загрузка...


I loved this book (Fat Kid Rules the World). Six-foot-one, 296-pound Troy is just looking for something that we're all searching for - acceptance. When he meets Curt, a mostly homeless punk prodigy who decides that Troy is going to be his drummer (even though...


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‘I Love You... You love me -We are Happy Family’ is a beautiful rhyme created in a pop ballad style of music with the melodious voice of famous singer Elena...


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I ♥ Kids. Пусть самое сокровенное желание вашего ребенка станет явью! И каждый родитель станет настоящим супергероем в глазах ребенка!,Уже третий раз бываем на праздниках от I love kids и решили заказать и себе! Впечатления от праздника очень классные!


LiveMe is a popular broadcasting platform for young people who love to share. You can find all kinds of great content including talent performances, celebrity interview, online talkshow, concert livestream, gaming, trivia games. There are many fun features like beaming to enable you to do frame in frame...


I think, in a way, that's the whole key to it. They find you fun, playful & funny: they feel like you are another kid, a cool, smart, fearless, loving, smiling, funny, tall kid. Kids don’t like to be criticized, especially by an adult. They don't like to be serious & thoughtful: it's not fun.


80s Kids Rule. 934K likes. A Nostalgic look at our childhood and reasons we rule! Thanks for Liking the page and posts! You can follow @80skidsrule on...