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Camera Sensors. Sony IMX400 Exmor RS.

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Inside the Sony Xperia™ XZs and the XZ Premium, the latest Motion Eye™ can be found, with the new IMX400 CIS. This three-layer stacked CIS is made with the traditional pixel array and logic circuit on the same die, but also a 1Gb DRAM memory allowing slow motion at almost 960 frames per second.

First the smartphone will come with Sony IMX400 sensor on the rear camera, secondly, the smartphone will have two different variants in terms of display size most,Coming to the first point, the Sony IMX 400 sensor could be the same 3 layered stacked CMOS sensor that the company announced recently.

Фотоматрица CMOS Sony EXMOR R IMX055CHL с диагональю 1/4", разрешением 4.2 Мп FullHD из Video Camera Sony HDR-CX110. Exmor это название технологии фирмы Sony, реализованной на некоторых из КМОП фотоматрицах. Она выполняет аналогово/цифровое преобразование...

As for differences between the Galaxy S9 camera sensors, TechInsights found that the IMX345 was similar to the IMX400, seen on the trail-blazing Sony Xperia XZ Premium. Both sensors pack super-fast DRAM (enabling super slow-motion features), but the difference is in the layout.

1. ©2017 System Plus Consulting | Sony IMX400 – Tri-layer Stacked CIS 1 21 rue la Noue Bras de Fer 44200 NANTES - FRANCE +33 2 40 18 09 16 [email protected] Sony IMX400 Tri-Stacked Image Sensor First stacked CIS with Logic, Memory and sensing die IMAGING report by...