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The entire SD workflow from ingest to delivery to the broadcaster in our facility is IMX50, I can't see this in the list of codecs. It's in the list of exports but we would rather not convert to another format and back.


AMS - Peach 124 . [ Images 81 - Size 50.12 MB].,Jul 20, 2016 · Is IMX 294 more sensible than binned 2x IMX 178 ? - posted in EAA Observation and Equipment - label your images, indicate software used, include integration time and no post processing: Hi all, Im always interested in IMX 294 color...


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Format: Quicktime .MOV Codec: MPEG IMX 625/50 Bit Rate: 50 Mbps Frame size: 720x512 Field Order: Upper/Top First Frame Rate: 29.97 drop frame Audio: 16 bit / 48KHz uncompressed, 4 channel. I am using compressor and am getting visible lines on a couple of clips.


e-CAM50IMX6 is an iMX6 camera daughter board (MIPI) for NXP®/Freescale® SABRE Lite Development kit. Click here to know more features about e-CAM50IMX6.