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Sony IMX183CLK-J CMOS Sensor. Offering a higher resolution, high Q.E. and just as efficient signal-to-noise ratios as its older brother the ASI 1600, the sensor can record 20.2-megapixel video at 19 frames per second, which is 48% more resolution than,CMOS. Sensor. Sony IMX183CLK _J. Weight.


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The IMX183 does not appear to need any additional cosmetic correction step after simple dark subtraction. After dark subtraction, I actually find the noise characteristic of the IMX183 is extremely pleasing, very clean, cleaner even than the Panasonic...


We're at VISION 2016! In this video I talk about our new high resolution 8.9 and 12.3 MP Sony Pregius sensors as well as our 20 MP Sony Exmor R sensor...