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i.MX 6ULZ Ultra Low Cost.

After using this oex traverse IMX SELF-INFLATING mat in -3 temperatures i jusr know my oex follower will like to know all about this great lightweight...

Hyperyon (e-CAM22_USB) is a 2MP Ultra Low-light USB Camera with High Dynamic Range (HDR) support and H.264/MJPEG compression. This USB UVC compliant camera is based on 1/2.8" SONY IMX290 CMOS Sensor, one of the most popular Sony's STARVIS® sensor.

IMX586 stacked CMOS image sensor. Model name. Sample shipment date (planned). Sample price (excluding tax). IMX586 1/2-type (8.0 mm diagonal) 48 effective,Main Features. 1.World’s first*3 0.8 μm ultra-compact pixel size enables industry’s highest*1 pixel count at 48 effective megapixels*2.

The Sony IMX586 is on the way to flagships launching in 2019, and it’s got a few interesting traits which should improve your photography game. It uses a stacked CMOS image sensor for an effective 48MP, something Sony has only done in their professional cameras.

The iMX6 UltraLite Computer on Module (COM) is using the NXP i.MX 6UltraLite application processor. Perfect alternative for cost-sensitive applications.

8 megapixel IMX179 sensor. 3288x2512 resolution. USB interface, UVC protocol, driver-free, plug-and-play.,Weight: 0.049 kg. Quick Overview. IMX179 8MP USB Camera (A) x1. USB to 4-pin cable x1. 1. 2.

IMX017CQE[11].,Sony Xperia XA Ultra[204]. HTC One M9+ Supreme Camera Edition.