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IMX25PDKFS.,IMX25_0912_WIN60_MMDOCS_BUNDLE_. [ English ]. i.MX25 PDK Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Documentation Bundle.

iMX25 target support. Signed-off-by: David Brownell <[email protected]>.,tcl/target/imx25.cfg.

Search Partnumber : Match&Start with "IMX25" - Total : 5 ( 1/1 Page). Electronic Manufacturer.,Electronics Description. Rohm. IMX25. General purpose transistor (isolated dual transistors).

First vendor's CMOS cams (IMX224 and IMX290 based) have the max exp time of 15 sec. This is the default/natiev SONY Exmor capability (as the image sensor is driving in the streaming mode.)

This is the OpenWRT for iMX6UL poring. For now, it just compile through all the necessary packages.,Change the file 'target/linux/imx6/image/Makefile' to specify the right dtb and append a right image. Modify the kernel module item to get the right settings.

imx. imx is an open invitation to the best online retail thinking. Legal information.

As the title implies, we will be talking about Sony IMX519, IMX486, IMX386, IMX586, and the IMX377 camera sensors.,For now, there are only limited smartphones featuring the IMX586 sensor. We will keep updating this comparison list as there are new smartphones announced and more details are...