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This is a 1080P 60fps test video of the F60 Allwinner V3 action camera with Sony IMX179 sensor. The resolution format of the 1080P video is 1920x1080 at...


I have bought this camera for 40€ in china. It is supposed to have 4K resolution and it produces 4K video, but it must have smaller sensor and it digitally...


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F60B 4K WiFi action camera 170 degree wide angle Allwinner V3 chipset with IMX179 8.0MP,видео 1080*60/30 есть? ссылочки плиз, и при плохом освещении, и желательно не скучные моменты.,При записи fhd 60fps и выше виснет на девятой секунде и дальше пишет только звук, просто fhd...


Sony Imx323 + 60fps + Capacitor. Thread starter jeffcat.,The IMX323 only supports 1080p at 30fps. You'll need to look for a different sensor if you want 60fps.


60%. 70%. 80%.


This is a guide on how to make ENC28J60 SPI ethernet controller module work together with imx233 Olinuxino Mini board. Drop patches into target/linux/mxs/patches-X.X/ folder to have them applied to linux kernel for this target. You do not need to add any code as described below if you use the...


After applied these patches, the VDI de-interlace output will be 60fps: for motion mode 0 and 1, field 0,1,2 was used for first VDI output frame of display; and field 1,2,3 was used for.


No announcement yet. Allwinner V3/s + IMX179/s, OV4689 and GC2023 action cameras. Collapse. This is a sticky topic.,Got my F60B today. Here are my first impressions and findings: Pros: XDV Android App provides nice UI and has really low-lag liveview.