Really funny pics of gollum out of lord of the rings.,Gollum- Smeagol Funny Japanese Show - Продолжительность: 1:48 Cyber Monkey 444 308 просмотров.

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Gollum wasn’t driven insane by the ring, he only ate fish for 500,Book Legolas cries that Gollum escaped grom Mirkwood right after everyone was like, “phew, it’s good that Thranduil’s elves keep an...

Gollum suck it Gollum prepare to have your LIMBS severed from your TORSO Posted by Kim... Problématique : Quelles interprétations pouvons nous faire du Seigneur des anneaux de J.R.R...

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If you happen to be visiting Wellington airport over the next few months, don't be surprised when a massive Gollum, the miserable creature at the centre of JRR Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings and The...

Gollum is a fictional character from J. R. R. Tolkien's legendarium. He was introduced in the 1937 fantasy novel The Hobbit, and became an important character in its sequel, The Lord of the Rings. Gollum was a Stoor Hobbit of the River-folk, who lived near the Gladden Fields.