Julia in a Nutshell. Julia is fast! Julia was designed from the beginning for high performance. Julia programs compile to efficient native code for multiple platforms via LLVM. Dynamic.


Julia is usually a feminine given name. It has three syllables. It is a Latinate feminine form of the name Julio and Julius. Julius was a Roman family, derived from a founder Julus...


Julia is a high-level programming language designed for high-performance numerical analysis and computational science. Distinctive aspects of Julia's design include a type system with parametric...


Julia — высокоуровневый высокопроизводительный свободный язык программирования с динамической типизацией, созданный для математических вычислений.


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Elena wants Julia's help. Julia says yes with her own plan to do this alone.,After Julia goes to the bus station to retrieve the money, she steals a car after noticing policemen keeping guard next to hers.


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From Latin Iūlia, feminine form of the Roman gens name Iūlius. Further popularized by early Christian saints. IPA(key): /ˈdʒuːli.ə/. Rhymes: -uːliə. Julia (plural Julias). A female given name. 1611, The Holy Bible, […]


Julia is a four-year-old girl with autism from Sesame Street, introduced in 2015 as part of the Sesame Street and Autism: See Amazing in All Children initiative. She is a young girl with bright orange hair and big green eyes and is friends with Elmo and Abby.