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----- In this video we we will setup and review the Eakins Microscope camera with sony IMX 290 sensor and the 180x lens. The camera is capable of 60 frames at 1080 HD. We will also go over the Amscope shadow free ring light, the amscope gooseneck spot light and Amscope articulating arm stand.


On my iMX6DL with Linux 3.14.28 I have a camera connected using MIPI. The video streams needs to be processed by the CPU, but the buffers are non-cacheable (Using V4L2_MEMORY_MMAP).,2. Is there an example of how to get V4L2_MEMORY_USERPTR working properly? (I couldn't...)


Hi, I would like to use gstreamer-imx with an iMX6 SoloX. Unfortunately I get an error when creating a pipeline with following command: gst-launch-1.0 imxv4l2videosrc device=/dev/video1 ! fakesink The imxv4l2videosrc element seems to hav...


LEC-iMX62L-2G-8G-ER.,LEC-Starterkit MINI. This Starterkit gets you going with Carrier Board Design and Software Verification in no time. To be used for LEC-iMX6, LEC-BT, LEC-BTS or LEC-BW modules.


1130 Cadillac Ct., Milpitas, CA 95035,USA Phone: +1-408-263-0988 Fax: +1-408-217-1960 Email:[email protected] Website: www.leopardimaging.com. IMX274 Sensor Spec. Absolute Maximum Ratings. Recommended Operating Conditions.


Фотоматрица CMOS Sony EXMOR R IMX055CHL с диагональю 1/4", разрешением 4.2 Мп FullHD из Video Camera Sony HDR-CX110. Exmor это название технологии фирмы Sony, реализованной на некоторых из КМОП фотоматрицах. Она выполняет аналогово/цифровое преобразование...


I have always been using OpenCV’s VideoCapture API to capture images from webcam or USB cameras. OpenCV supports V4L2 and I wanted to use something other than OpenCV’s VideoCapture API so I started digging up about v4l2 and got few links using and few examples using which I...