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Sony's IMX686 is a 60MP sensor that's slated to replace the existing IMX586 48MP sensor. Expect this sensor to launch with the first flagship smartphones in 2020,This sensor is expected to deliver greater dynamic range and better low-light performance than the current generation 48MP camera sensor.

El Sony IMX586 llega con 48 megapíxeles, una cantidad que hasta la fecha el fabricante no había logrado. Este aumento de la cantidad de píxeles también debería venir acompañado de un buen tamaño, pero los píxeles elegidos son ligeramente más pequeños con un tamaño de 0,8 micrómetros...

The Sony IMX586 is on the way to flagships launching in 2019, and it’s got a few interesting traits which should improve your photography game. It uses a stacked CMOS image sensor for an effective 48MP, something Sony has only done in their professional cameras.

Sony's new 48-megapixel image sensor will use some clever tricks to deliver shots that are simultaneously sharper and yet brighter.,It too employs pixel binning when things get dark, downsampling the total 48 megapixels into 12 megapixels with increased light sensitivity.

Sony has announced the 48MP IMX586 camera sensor for smartphones, delivering high-resolution snaps with better dynamic range, while also improving low-light performance.

索尼发布 48MP 的 IMX586 感光器. 也是靠「Quad-Bayer」阵列来兼顾高分辨率和低光拍摄表现。,时至今日,可视作该 CMOS「外售版」的 IMX586,也终于被索尼拿出来正式发布了。 这款感光器拥有「目前业界最高的」48MP 像素数,尺寸为 1/2 英寸(对角线长度 8 mm),比...
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