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Sensor properties Sony IMX304. 1.1” area sensor with 3.45 µm pixel size. Global shutter 2nd generation pixel CMOS sensor from Sony's Pregius,With a massive 12.3 megapixels, the IMX304 is the cost-optimized, frame rate-reduced variant of the Sony IMX253 global shutter CMOS sensor, and...


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18 - Type overview AMS 304i Page 19 - Installation and mounting Page 20 - Mounting the AMS 304 Page 21 Page 22 - Optional mounting bracket Page 23 - Mounting distances,Laser diode prefailure message. Indicates an uncorrectable error in the hardware. AMS 304. Diagnostics and troubleshooting.


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About AMS 304i. Hi All, I have machine that works with hydraulic cylinder, the position is transmitted via SSI bus between "Optical laser measurement,Due to maintenance problems, I have replaced "DME3000-111 Sick" by "AMS 304i 40 Leuze electronic" but the hydraulic cylinder Does not work...


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The Phoenix PHX120S camera model features Sony's IMX304 CMOS sensor. 12.3 MP global shutter, 1", 3.45µm, up to 10 FPS over GigE.