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Our USB3 Vision Grasshopper3 camera model using Sony's "Pregius" sensor technology - CMOS sensor with Global Shutter. Subscribe to PointGreyTV...


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Do anyone have an experience with IMX174 cameras and MicroManager? Are PointGrey USB3.0 cameras easy to add to Micromanager? The camera model is GS3-U3-23S6MShort specifications: sensor size: 1/1.2". pixel size: 5.86 µm peak QE: 76%.


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♥AMS Peach♥. 50 фотографий|Комментарии к альбому. Показать больше фотографий.,4 381 imx.to ams peach. Practical Cryptography practicalcryptography.com media files.


The Imaging Source would like to introduce its new camera series with the highly sensitive Sony CMOS Sensor IMX174: Type: Monochrome and Color. Sensor: Sony IMX 174, extremely light sensitive. High/Wide Dynamic Range (HDR/WDR). Resolution: 1920 x 1200.


Especially the IMX174's broad dynamic range is a major improvement for many ITS applications that are frequently challenged by demanding lighting conditions.,Compared with the previous CCD sensor classic for ITS, the ICX285, the IMX174 and IMX249 particularly excel in the following disciplines


i.MX 6ULZ low cost, Linux processor based on Arm<sup>&#174;</sup> Cortex<sup>&#174;</sup>-A7 core.


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