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Another very interesting function of its IMX 174 camera, is the GPS time direct management : QHY makes a GPS equiped version, which synchronises to the GPS time. Where it becomes very interesting, is the global shutter functionning of the...


The IMX174 Pregius with CMOS Global Shutter function is available in monochrome (LLJ) and color (LQJ) version and provides an optical format of,The IMX174 has an LVDS 8ch output, and achieves high-speed imaging with a maximum frame rate of 164.5 fps using 10 bit ADC and maximum 128.2...


Tags: imx cherish 278 area | imx cherish 2780-20,Galaxy S9 and S9+ rear cameras use a Sony IMX sensor... - SamMobile The Sony IMX345 is similar to the IMX400 used in the Xperia XZs, which was the world’s first smartphone to feature slow-motion video recording at 960 frames per second.


Especially the IMX174's broad dynamic range is a major improvement for many ITS applications that are frequently challenged by demanding lighting conditions.,Compared with the previous CCD sensor classic for ITS, the ICX285, the IMX174 and IMX249 particularly excel in the following disciplines