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El Xiaomi Mi6 cada día está más cerca llegar, y ahora parece que se ha filtrado que integrará el sensor Sony IMX400 en su cámara principal.,Capaz de grabar vídeo en cámara lenta hasta a 960 fps. Algo que solo ha conseguido, por el momento, Sony. Con el sensor Sony IMX400 Xiaomi apuesta sobre...

dasha400 posted a message on VampireFallsCraft (The Vampire Diaries In Minecraft).,I've memorized most of the town. don't forget old wickery bridge and the big forest near it. and add me to the server, my name is Dasha400.

IMX (IMPACT) to DASH (Dash) online currency converter. IMX/DASH current rate calculator. Currencio — Cryptocurrency Converter.

First the smartphone will come with Sony IMX400 sensor on the rear camera, secondly, the smartphone will have two different variants in terms of display size most,Coming to the first point, the Sony IMX 400 sensor could be the same 3 layered stacked CMOS sensor that the company announced recently.

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CMOS Sony EXMOR R IMX055CHL sensor side+size meter 1/4" 4.2 megapixels FullHD from Video Camera Sony HDR-CX110. Exmor is the name of a technology Sony implemented on some of their CMOS image sensors. It performs on-chip analog/digital signal conversion and two-step noise...