Every year, Russians celebrate the New Year with unprecedented scale, spending days, weeks,Salads are an essential part of any Russian meal on the eve of Russia's biggest holiday, New Year.


12 Years Old Russian Kid Beats World Champion? Wow guys, what a championship! Anyone who been there knows what i am talking about but if you missed it you...


Russian proverbs and sayings about each month of the year.,More new helpful articles. Subscribe for updates! 12 Months of the Year in Russian. Leave a reply.


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Thus began MacWilliams' 12-year journey of discovery and friendships.,Russians were enjoying many more things from the West. Now, with (president Vladimir) Putin and his policies, there's more...


After all, she was just 12 years old. Instead, Russian internet commenters not only took the,“It is nice to see that there are people in Russia that have a contemporary point of view,” she said.


twelve-year in russian: двенадцатиле́тний. With audio, examples, declination, conjugation and related words.


New Year in Russia can truly be called the most popular holiday.,One of the most common Russian New Year traditions is to have tangerines for New Year on the festive table.


In Russian society there is a misconception that this holiday is also called "Russia's Independence Day", but it never has had such a name in official documents. According to a survey by Levada Center...


Late family dinners, sparkling wine and fireworks at midnight are some of the traditional ways of celebrating New Year’s Day in Russia. Children’s festivities may include a decorated fir tree and a...