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Български четец на новини - Bulgaria Reader enables you to read all the latest news from the best bulgarian portals on one place. Bulgaria Reader saves your time because you get all the info in...


Browse Брат. Type.,Mini Metro – gamma19 - MAC OS X ReleaseLoad.


Get to Know a Character. It can be useful to know your characters, but more practically useful to know one character well. My character is an "e" with an acute accent, character code 233 (decimal) in Latin-1 and Unicode. Inserting Characters. There are many ways it can be inserted into a document: On...


I'm not certain when this first occured. I have a new drop-shipping affiliate website, and receive an exported copy of the product catalog from the wholesaler. I format and import this into Prestashop 1.4.4. The front end of the website contains combinations of strange characters inside product text: Ã, Ã, ¢...


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— Hediye kabul etmek o insana yaraşır ki, Geniş, derin, büyük sohbetlere zemin açılmış. O onun duası bereketiyle hediye getiren muradına sırada bir haberci gelip Mevlana Ârif adına bir ersin. Bizdeyse böyle bir hassa yoktur.